Breast augmentation is one of the surgeries that demands the most, since it manages to improve the body contour by providing the desired volume and shape to the breast.

In some cases, the size of the breast is small or it may even be empty. With this technique, through small incisions in the areola or in the groove of the breast, we place a breast prosthesis.

The type of breast prosthesis always depends on the characteristics of each patient and what the doctor therefore recommends. Like the volume, the approach route or the location, the best will be done for each case on an individual basis.

The approach can be areolar or inframammary (submammary groove), which allows the use of round or anatomical prostheses. And the location plane can be subglandular, subfascial or submuscular, with specific indications for each of the procedures.

We only implant the best prostheses on the market. In our practice we use prostheses of the highest quality certified at European and American level (FDA).