Choosing the best suitable travel insurance is the biggest headache of every traveler and backpacker, but something really essential for your adventure, almost as much as your backpack.

From traveling through Sudan, Iraq and the entire Middle East to wandering above 5,000 meters in the mountains of Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, touring a part of Africa and eastern Europe, for the last few years I have been traveling to destinations in all.

So, after putting together all this traveling experience and having taken out several different insurances, I have realized the following.

The best travel insurance is neither the cheapest nor the one that covers the most, but the one that meets your needs as a traveler and the specific trip you are planning. 

Unlike other blogs where they recommend only one insurance due to its high commission, in this tutorial I am going to show you the best travel insurance (for independent travelers and backpackers) and when you should use each one.


Summary – 5 best insurance
What you have to have insurance
Best travel insurance

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Top 5 Travel Insurance for Backpackers and Independent Travelers – COMPARISON


The best
Versatile insurance
5% discountVIEW PRICES


Best value for money
Good coverage
7% discountVIEW PRICES


Premium insurance Greater coverage Adventure activities



Adventurous Backpackers
Electronic Covers Adventure


High risk areas
Natural disasters

What to look for when choosing the best travel insurance?

What do all independent travelers and backpackers have in common?

  • We practice adventure activities, such as trekking and others
  • We usually move by public transport, so the risk of accident is greater
  • The probability of being robbed is greater, since we stay in dormitories, we go out at night, we move by public transport.
  • In a single trip, we may visit several countries
  • We tend to carry a lot of electronics (cameras, laptops, drones, etc.)

The best travel insurance for independent travelers should cover you for more or less everything, so when buying it, you have to make sure of the following:

That offers extensive medical coverage

If you are planning to do adventure activities (the risk of accident is higher), or you travel to a country where healthcare is very expensive (the US for example), you should know that hospitalization costs can amount to thousands and thousands of €, so depending on your type of trip, choose carefully.

Covers you for adventure activities

If you plan to go trekking or any other related activity, make sure your policy covers you for these types of activities.

For example, if you go trekking to Nepal, your policy should cover trekking above 4000 meters at least.

Each travel insurance will have a specific plan for this type of case.

Have good evacuation coverage

Medical evacuation is the process of moving you from the scene of the accident to the hospital and, potentially, to your home.

If you break your leg while trekking in Kyrgyzstan , for example, the cost of being rescued by helicopter and being put on a flight home can go up to several thousand euros and good backpacker travel insurance should be. cover it all.

That offers coverage for all countries

Eye! If you are a backpacker, it is very likely that you will visit several countries in a single trip, so you will want to hire a company that allows you to select several destinations.

On the other hand, there are insurers that let you choose the «WORLD» option, but there are countries such as Iran , Sudan or Iraq – destinations widely covered in this blog – that are not included in the «WORLD» option.

That you can buy it while you are traveling

Very important. Some insurers won’t cover you if they know you bought it while traveling. For those of us who travel full time, the best travel insurance should consider this option.

That they cover you for theft, and especially theft of electronics

How many travelers do you know who have been robbed?

Good insurance should give you compensation in case of theft.

And also, many backpackers are always loaded with electronics, so you should have the most expensive devices well insured.

To cover you for flight cancellations, delays and loss of luggage

Quite a probable risk. One day, my flight from Berlin to Tehran was canceled , and on another occasion, when I flew from Barcelona to Mexico City, the airline lost my luggage for 4 weeks.

Besides receiving compensation from the airline, I also received compensation from the insurance.

And very important, that they pay you

All the companies that I recommend are very professional, which means that when you make a claim, they respond and act quickly.

Comparison: What are the best travel insurance?

The best travel insurance for every traveler – IATI Seguros

IATI is the insurance I am currently using and, in my opinion, the best travel insurance for any traveler, from backpackers to honeymoon couples, for various reasons.

First of all, because it is the only one that covers you in any country in the world, including many destinations mentioned in this blog such as Iran , Sudan or Eritrea , countries that for different reasons, either due to internal conflicts or sanctions, most insurers do not cover. 

Second, because it offers you endless plans, both for adventure destinations and for short weekend trips.

And third because if you travel on a tight budget, it is one of the few insurances that offer super cheap basic plans.

And also, for being a reader of this blog you get a 5% discount .


Super versatile, for all pockets and types of travelWith so many different plans, sometimes it even creates confusion, since you don’t know which one would suit you best for your trip.
Its basic plan is the cheapest on the market, ideal for backpackers with a low budgetLatin Americans can only hire it a maximum of 4 months within 1 calendar year
They have plans that cover for all kinds of adventure activities and high altitude trekking The most premium plans are expensive
Coverage for all countries in the world, including conflict zones 
Spanish company with attention in Spanish, which makes making any claim easier 
5% discount for being a reader of this blog 

Prices assuming you go to Nepal for 1 month: From € 65


The best travel insurance with the best value for money – CHAPKA

CHAPKA has been a very good recent discovery that has even made me rethink changing my insurance once the annual insurance I have with IATI expires.

Honestly, CHAPKA is more expensive than IATI, but they offer greater coverage, you can pay it in installments and also, for being a reader of this blog, you get a 7% discount .

But the best of all is that any of their plans covers you for trekking at any altitude, as long as it is on normal and ordinary trails and does not require special climbing or mountaineering equipment.

In addition, CHAPKA gives you simplicity, since it only offers you 2 types of insurance:


Very good coverage at an unbeatable priceIt doesn’t cover you for some key Against the Compass destinations (Iran, for example), at least for short stays
Customer service in SpanishIt is not a great disadvantage, but on a personal level, the page seems unintuitive to me
Any of their plans covers trekking at any altitude, as long as it does not require the use of mountaineering equipment.Latin-Maricanos can only hire it for trips to the European Union
7% discount for being a reader of this blog 
Simplicity: they offer a plan for trips of less than 3 months, and another for up to 1 year 

Prices assuming you go 1 month to Nepal: From € 96


The best international travel insurance, for backpackers and the most Premium – World Nomads

World Nomads is one of the most popular backpackers travel insurance internationally.

And it is characterized by offering the widest coverage on the market, unbeatable, both at the level of medical expenses and at the level of adventure sports and it covers you for everything.

World Nomads is suitable for any type of trip, whether you go on a trip to Ukraine to visit cities, or if you go trekking above 6000 meters in Nepal.


The best possible coverage, both medical expenses and theft, sports, etc. (the premium plan gives you unlimited medical expenses)The good is paid and World Nomads is the most expensive
Hyper-specialization in adventure sports, including trekking above 6000 meters and other risk activities. If you go to mountain destinations, there is nothing better.It does not cover many Against the Compass destinations, such as Iran, Sudan or Syria.
Simplicity They only have 2 plans, one with extensive coverage, and the other with even better medical coverage and more risk sports.They say they have customer service in Spanish, but mostly it is in English

Price assuming you go to Nepal for 1 month: From $ 121


The best travel insurance for backpackers and 1-year trips – True Traveler

True Traveler is in fact one of the best travel insurance for backpackers, especially for long trips.

Personally, I was with them for more than 1 year before hiring IATI.

What is cool about True Traveler is that first, they cover for all destinations in the world (just like IATI) and secondly, it is an ultra-versatile insurance that covers you for everything you want, from insuring your electronics, to extra theft insurance and endless adventure activities, almost like World Nomads.

In addition, the medical coverage it offers is truly unbeatable, as you can see below.

And finally, your page is super intuitive and compared to others, the coverage is much more transparent.

For example, once you have calculated your basic price, you can add the items below and by clicking on the «i» you can see what type of adventure activities cover you, the specific plan for robberies, and so on.

In other insurances, you have to download a 30-page PDF to find out.


The basic plans have crazy medical coverage, and at a great priceIf you start to select all the extras, it can be quite expensive
You have the option of insuring your electronics, including your camera, drone, laptop, etc.Only covers Europeans
Super intuitive website, and with very transparent policiesCustomer service in English only
Ideal for long trips of many months 

Price assuming you go 1 month to Nepal:
From £ 74 (€ 84)


The best travel insurance for high risk areas – BattleFace

The Lebanon , Pakistan or Somalia are widely destinations covered in this blog, and although some travel insurance do cover you for these destinations, such coverage is limited to medical emergencies that exclude any act of terrorism.

That is, if you were injured by a bomb, you had to cancel your trip due to a terrorist act, or you had to evacuate from a country due to any conflict, your policy will not cover you.

To do this, when you travel to these countries, it is recommended to take out specialized insurance such as BattleFace , an insurer that takes into account any act of terrorism and that will give you full assistance in the unlikely event that you never see yourself in one of them.


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