Reasons you should never travel without health insurance

Are you one of the adventurers who are passionate about seeing the world? Do you always plan everything about the activities, flights and accommodation at your destination? If your answer is yes, and you care about preparing everything so that your trip has no problems, travel insurance should never be lacking in your preparations, and here we will tell you the reasons why you should never travel without health insurance.

Traveling without health insurance is without a doubt the worst idea if you want to ensure a peaceful vacation with happy memories. Here we tell you why:

1. Coverage anytime, anywhere

That’s right, one of the reasons why traveling without medical insurance does not even cross your mind is that with this policy you will be able to contact your insurer at all times to resolve any inconvenience that may arise in your itinerary and you do not have long waits. without knowing what to do or how to act.

2. Receive quality medical assistance with your travel insurance

travel insurance medical assistance

Getting sick and not having good hospital service is one of the biggest concerns you have when traveling outside the country. Wherever you are, health insurance or life insurance will guarantee you quality health care without adding additional costs. Whether for a flu or a more serious injury, the best medical centers will attend to you at any time and in any place.

3. Health insurance will save you a great deal of money.

It is no secret to anyone that the costs of international medicine are higher for tourists, this, since their national policy does not cover the effects that are had outside the territory, and these sums, in many cases, can exceed thousands of Dollars.

To avoid returning home with more debt than you left it is one of the main reasons why you should never travel without life insurance or travel without health insurance , as this policy will cover your hospital care expenses in in the event of any emergency that affects your well-being and that of your family.

4. In some countries travel insurance is mandatory

mandatory travel insurance

It is no longer a suggestion or recommendation that we can make, since, in some countries, such as Cuba and Russia, it is mandatory to present your travel insurance certification in migration, and without it you will not be able to enter, so your vacation could be seen ruined even before you start.

The most common problems travelers use their travel insurance for

The inconveniences that you may encounter in your itinerary and that of your family during a trip are endless, however, the most frequent are:

1. For health care:


It is no secret to anyone that all the adventures we have during a trip expose us to certain risks, however, with this medical insurance we will be able to live every moment without problem, since we will have assistance and help from our insurer 24/7 to help us with any inconvenience we have at our destination.

2. Trip cancellation insurance

Nobody is exempt from the fact that due to force majeure they must abandon their trip and return home in a premeditated manner, either for work or personal reasons, and whatever the reason, to help you with all these procedures, your insurer will help you to manage everything without problem and that your return is satisfactory.

3. Flight cancellation insurance covers you at any time and place

cancellation insurance

If for any reason, the flight in which you and your family planned to travel to your destination, or on the contrary, in which you expected to return, you miss it, you cannot take it or the airline cancels it due to the weather or another variant, this Travel insurance covers you and manages everything you need so that your access to another flight without any problem.

4. Loss of your luggage

Flight logistics are not always the most exact, and we all know of some cases in which the luggage ended up in another city or was sent on another flight. But don’t worry, with this policy, your luggage will be insured and you can count on the insurer to be responsible for its content or for arranging for it to reach your hands again.

lost luggage

For all these reasons, it is important that, if you are preparing a trip, you do not forget to have your travel insurance or your life insurance with you, and just as important, that you insure yourself with a company as professional as Sebanda Insurance , which offers the best advice with the best prices on the market.